Caravan Electrics

Southside Mobile RV Solutions are specialists in fitting a range of caravan electrics to caravans, camper trailers and RVs. Installing caravan solar panels and also complete caravan solar setups. 

We specialise in 12-volt and solar systems, well also do battery testing and replacement. Every caravan owner has different requirements regarding there electrical set ups.

Whether the use of your Caravan is mainly used in campsites or in isolated areas or a bit of both. We’ll provide the right advice and make sure you get the system that fits your needs.

Caravan electrics have changed quite a lot over the years. But then again so has most technology. Today’s caravans have just about everything on board from dishwashers to coffee machines. Our lives have evolved into being much more technology dependant.

These days when people want to get off the beaten track, they still want all the modern amenities which means electrical upgrades of your current van or something more recently purchased. We love the idea of being away from it all but at the same time staying connected and taking a few luxuries with us. This means power. And power means more efficient 12volt and 240volt system in your caravan.


Specialising in 12-volt and solar systems, we have your electrical needs covered.

12 Volt Caravan Electrics

Offering repairs and installs everything 12volt for your caravan, camper trailer or motorhome.

If you rather the flexibility of camping in isolated areas rather than paying for expensive park fees as a power supply for your fridge, lights and other accessories then a sufficient 12v system is the way to go. Giving you the flexibility to travel independently.

Were hear to assist with repairs, upgrades and modifications to 12-volt systems for camper trailers, and caravan electrics, including 3-way fridges, chargers, inverters, batteries, and solar systems and much more.

Solar Setups

Solar panels allow your batteries to keep charged and give you maximum independence when traveling. You can enjoy free camping and adventure further afield, without requiring a camp ground to charge. Depending on your set up an assortment of different sized solar panels can be installed on the roof or you can run a portable solar panel connected to a direct feed to your van battery. Give us a call to discuss what setup will be adequate for your needs and we will come to you for a free quote.

Battery Chargers

Depending on how old your van is and what type of battery charger has been installed make a big difference to your battery life. Batteries come in various sizes and types from AGM, lead acid, Gel and Lithium. So, you want to make sure your batteries are charged correctly in order to prolong their life. Please call or send through an email to discuss the right battery charger so that your battery is always charged and ready to go.

Most common battery chargers are multi stage chargers. Standard setup when connected to 240v power is once your battery is fully charged you charger will go into a float mode so the battery isn’t damaged by overcharging. Whether its via an Anderson plug or 7 pin plug your van battery can also receive a trickle charge from you tow vehicle and finally for your solar either roof mount of portable.