Periodic Maintenance Servicing

Here at Southside Mobile RV Solutions, we offer all of the following as a part of our general undercarriage service. 

We recommend you get your caravan serviced yearly or every 10,000 kilometres.  We offer single axle or dual axle repairs on a range of wind up camper, pop tops, caravans, trailers, horse floats and food trucks.

Our service includes over 40 items on our checklist, including the following main items:

– Wheels, brakes and bearings stripped, checked and serviced.
– Tyres and wheels inspected for wear and cracking.
– Tyre pressures checked and corrected.
– Wheel nuts inspected, tightened, and threads relubricated.
– Brake linings inspected and adjusted to suit.
– Brake magnets inspected for wear.
– Hubs inspected for wear.
– Coupling bolts inspected and lubricated.
– Corner jacks properly lubricated.
– Check suspension mounts. Lubricate shackle bolts if applicable.
– External lights and wiring connections inspected.
– Handbrake cable checked and adjusted if necessary.

On-site undercarriage service (single Axle) $280.00

On-site undercarriage service (tandem Axle) $350.00

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